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What awaits us in 2016? Astrologer Punit Nahata knows the answer

What awaits us in 2016? Vedic astrologer Punit Nahata answers this question. The Indian master has prepared a forecast for Russia in 2016. He told COSMO not only about the fate of the homeland, but also what to expect in love and career.

2016 will be a good year for teachers, psychologists and all those involved in creative professions. If you are looking for a job, wait until the spring - finding a new position to be quite difficult in the first quarter of the year. The main point to remember: do not panic, remember your favorite hobby, something you have long wanted to do, but never got around to it. From March till August building relationships with family and friends will be more difficult than usual. Try to avoid conflicts and remain patient – people will behave more aggressively than you're used to.

In 2016 there will be no periods of Venus retrograde, which means success in heart affairs. If you are single, continue your search for love, but do not dwell on it, otherwise mistakes are guaranteed. Do not expect the man who will come into your life to solve all your problems. After all, he is your loved one, not your father. Unfortunately, Russian women often confuse the two. For those who have a pair, it's time to learn how to speak openly about their negative feelings. It's better than keeping silent and offended.

Unfortunately, 2016 will bring many days when people will unjustly fall into melancholy or even suffer from depression. What to do at this time? Meditate, dance, you can beat pillows. But do not commit follies and don’t take your condition too seriously - it will surely pass after a couple of days.

In Russia’s horoscope of 2016 the Sun period continues. This is a very good sign, but the first three to six months will be difficult for businesses and banks. However, if you have just opened your business, you do not lose heart - the economic situation will improve significantly. Such spheres as tourism, restaurant business and entertainment will develop. From the middle of spring both Saturn and Mars will turn retrograde. In foreign policy, this combination will create strong tension on the international stage, energetically resembling the Cuban missile crisis. In the summer the drama will die down, so it’s not worth it wasting time and energy sitting in front of the TV waiting on bad news.

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