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Rahu and Moon are joined again in the sky

Friends, Good day! This morning, Rahu and Moon once again joined in the sky by two and a half days. These days do not make hasty conclusions, try not to make impulsive decisions because these days increased emotional sensitivity to negative influences izvne.Rasslablyaytes, relax, take some time to themselves, engage in what he likes and does not give in to provocations. This year will be a lot of different events - the year promises to be intense. There will, for example, a compound of retrograde Mars and Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. This combination will lead to global changes in the world. And to prepare for it and learn more about what the coming year in store for us, you can visit the workshop in 2016, where you will find the outlook for Russia and the world, you will learn how people affect the combination of the planets in this year, as well as The workshop will practice Osho and mantras.

Place: center "Federation of Yoga" at Dynamo, m. Dinamo / Jogging,

Leningradsky Prospekt, d.31a, building 1, TTS "MONARCH"

Record third floor to the seminar made upon payment.

For more information, + 7-495-232-01-61 + 7-903-236-00-22