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Personal horoscopes

Each one of us enters this world with a unique mission. Finding our calling and realizing our potential leads to true happiness and harmony. But this search can take years, or sometimes even decades. Place your trust in Puneet Nahata in order to avoid wasting time on futile efforts to improve your life. The master of Vedic astrology will analyze your natal chart and help you understand the following:

  • Who are you? This question often proves to be difficult, as our individuality can frequently be masked by social norms and expectations - public morality, wishes and aspirations of loved ones, cultural characteristics. We stop listening to our inner voice and forget who we are. The astrologer will tell you your personality type, explaining what effect it has on your character and the way you behave. He will give advice on which unique qualities you should accept and develop, which ones you can ignore, and which ones to suppress. He will also share techniques that will help you accomplish this.
  • What is your calling? Every person has unique talents, but understanding how to develop and apply them is difficult. Puneet Nahata will find out what kinds of gifts nature has bestowed upon you and list the spheres that can offer the best opportunities.
  • How have specific life circumstances affected you? It is possible that something unpleasant happened to you in childhood and you are still suffering the consequences of this incident. The Master will advise you on how to get rid of psychological traumas and start enjoying life to the fullest.
  • Why are you plagued by feelings of doubt, worry or guilt? Sometimes there is no reason to worry, but something still weighs heavy on your heart. Puneet will find out what plants influence you to make you feel this way and will give advice on how to get rid of these unpleasant feelings. Of course, he will do the same if your paranoia has a more concrete reason.
  • What does the future have in store for you? The astrologer will read your personal horoscope for the coming year and tell you what you should expect during specific time periods. Different points in our lives require different approaches. Some are best for career development, while others should be used to improve our relationships with people. Sometimes we try our best to meet our true love instead of taking care of ourselves, for example, thus wasting our time and energy instead of taking advantage of important opportunities. Understanding how these different periods work can help you achieve excellent results in all spheres of life and become a much happier person.
  • What do you need to watch out for? The Master will study your horoscope and tell you which periods are the least favorable, as well as specific situations you should try to avoid. Please keep in mind that Puneet Nahata never discloses any information regarding tragic events such as serious illnesses or death. Everything that happens to us is the result of our own actions, which means that our lives are mostly in our own hands.


For a reading, Puneet will need:  The exact date, time and city of your birth. If some of this information is not available to you, the astrologer will be able to figure out what he needs to know during his conversation with you.

  • Skype Consultancy: Natal Chart ( Astrological card)+ Answer to Question + One compatibility.  Price 200 USD.  
  • Additional Horoscope for Children:- 65 USD for Each

Cost of a consultation: 25,000 rubles

Duration: about 1 hour.

Still having doubts? Read about how private consultations with Puneet Nahata have improved the lives of other people:

  • A young woman had to make a decision: go abroad or stay in Russia. She had good career prospects here, but was tempted by opportunities she saw abroad. Puneet Nahata told her that a move might be good for her, but advised her to take her time – to wait at least another year and a half before leaving. The client listened to his recommendation. Now, she writes to him from a small, cozy town in a different country, where she has a family and her own business.
  • A man who has not been able to find work for six months and didn’t know what he wanted to do at the age of 40 came to see the astrologer. The career he dedicated half of his life to stopped brining him happiness. Puneet Nahata helped him understand what field he should look into in order to become successful. Now, this man is one of the most sought after experts in a narrow but profitable sphere.
  • Last year, Puneet Nahata helped a woman who had a lot of trouble setting boundaries due to a trauma she experienced as a child. She had problems saying no, did things she did not want because she didn’t want to disappoint others and was constantly plagued by feelings of guilt. The Master found out what was the reason behind this and shared two meditation techniques that could help. The woman got rid of her anxiety and now feels a lot happier and more confident.