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Making right strategy

Once you realize who you truly are, you begin to understand where you need to go in order to be happy. Before we make this realization, we tend to follow a script outlined for us by society. But these scripts aren’t always best for everybody: not all men are meant to make millions, and not all women will be happy as wives and mothers. Understanding what you really need means refusing to be a character in somebody else’s movie while your own is being filmed in some distant, parallel reality.


Once we realize what our talents are, it is much easier to find our calling in life. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we immediately arrive at our final destination. We could be assigned such a challenging role that it may take 5, 10 or even 30 years to get there. The amount of time our journey will take depends on how experienced we are. If you frequently overcome challenging new situations that sometimes scare you, you will move faster. This is why you should never be afraid of a challenge – without them, we will never become who we were meant to be. But even these challenges only make sense when they happen at the right time. If you ask a five year old child to interview for a position at an investment bank, for example, she will not gain any kind of experience. This is why we must only learn from situations in which we can realize the importance of what is happening.


So – how can Vedic astrology and Puneet Nahata help with all of this? You will learn what periods in life are best for gaining experience in different spheres. This knowledge will keep you from hitting a brick wall when there is an open door nearby. You won’t spend an entire weekend on a work project when you can spend that time meeting your life partner, or invest all of your money in a new house when you should be taking care of your health. Puneet Nahata will also help you outline a specific strategy in life and share techniques that will work best for you. These techniques will help you to quickly move through challenges and truly enjoy life.