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Goals and objectives of modern astrology

Like any science, astrology has its application side. The purpose of astrology - not only to expand the scope of our self-knowledge, but also to give us the tools to facilitate access to deeper layers of our being, and work with the forces of thin plan. In the sphere of application of astrology include the methods by which it is possible to curb and ennoble our energies and strengthen our relationship with the cosmos. These methods are based on the use of various natural objects (such as stones) - but not in everyday terms, and in accord with spiritual and occult views.

Western astrology focuses more on theory than practice. It lacks a clear and coherent methodology harmonization of planetary influences. In the Middle Ages astrologers use for this purpose a variety of precious stones and metals, herbs and incantations, but most of their experience has been lost in the course of development of modern science. In India, the tradition of this kind are preserved better. Using stones and mantras, the divine images and rituals has always been an integral part of Vedic astrology.

Today most Western astrologers use in customer funds of modern psychology - mainly Jungian, as Jung himself acknowledged and used astrology. Taking the natal chart for the key to the subconscious, they explore personal, emotional and sexual problems of the client. They help clients with a clearer picture of their needs and actions.

As a rule, modern interpreters of astrological charts in the West can help their clients to harmonize the natal chart. They only advise to pay attention to certain planetary influences and try to understand them in relation to personal experience. As a result, the customer can feel completely helpless before the menacing forces of fate: it warned of imminent danger, but provide no effective means to prevent it. In contrast, the Vedic astrologer seeks not only to explain to the client how to manifest in his life energies of the planets, but also to help him balance the cosmic influences. Vedic astrology helps people to work with karma and to transform it. Vedic astrology - the science is not about destiny and fate, and how to alleviate suffering and prevent adverse events.

Vedic astrology helps us to lead daily life in harmony with the cosmos through the stars and planets. It is not possible to live in harmony with the cosmos, adhering to the everyday lifestyle. And purely theoretical knowledge to solve the problem is not enough. Needed practical means to tune in to the influence of the cosmos. Tools of this kind are by their nature not only astrological, but also spiritual. They involve the use of subtle energies (for example, using precious stones and shades of color), as well as the inner, spiritual work (rituals, mantras, meditation). If we do not use these funds regularly and on a daily basis, there is no guarantee that a knowledge of astrology can help us to change our lives.