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Finding balance

All of us strive for harmony, but often forget that harmony is achieved through a combination of several elements. This is how nature works: birds depend on insects, insects depend on animals and animals depend on plants or on each other. Destroy one of these elements or artificially elevate it above the rest, and life on our planet will cease to exist. We easily grasp this simple concept in school, but unfortunately often fail to apply it to our own lives as adults. This is why, in our pursuit of happiness, we often concentrate solely on our career or think that having a good family will solve all of our problems.


Each person is an entire universe. Every one of us has several dimensions, or personality aspects. Some of them may contradict each other, but all of them must find an outlet or at least be recognized (in the case of traits that cause us suffering). In accepting the multidimensional nature of our inner life, we open up the opportunity to achieve inner harmony. When we manage our time and abilities correctly, we can bring all spheres of our life into harmony. This is what brings that “true happiness” that is so hard to describe and that every person wants to experience.


Vedic astrology can help you find this balance. You will find out what aspects of your personality are suppressed, and which ones should be limited in order to avoid throwing your individual system out of balance. Puneet Nahata will explain what will help strengthen your positions in your personal, business and creative life. He will also share techniques that will help you drown out white noise and finally find happiness.