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Business astrology

Doing business means dealing with people, which means that Jyotish astrology can help you with your business endeavors. Order a consultation from Puneet Nahata and get answers to your most pressing questions. Here is what you can learn:

  • If you’re starting a business, which sphere is the most profitable? The Vedic astrologer will select the best time to complete all of your transactions, including any international sales and purchases you might be making. Moreover, he will help you determine how to best organize your enterprise in order to ensure your business runs smoothly and costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Should you trust the person you are about to go into business with? Puneet will answer this question after examining your natal chart. You will find out whether or not you and your partner are compatible, as well as how productive your partnership will be and how long you will work together. If you want to get the most out of your partnership, the expert will find the best time to make risky decisions and your actions will not have a negative impact on your business relationship.
  • What kind of promotion strategies will work best for you? The astrologer will tell you what kind of arguments will work best to convince potential customers and what the best time to make an offer is.
  • When should you hold negotiations, especially with government agencies? Specifically, when is the best time to initiate a talk to make sure the company rep is in the right mood? What strategy will work best – being persistent or more flexible? What aspects of cooperation should you highlight in order to capture the interest of your interlocutor? Which arguments should you use immediately, and which ones should you save for last?
  • Which candidate will be the best fit for the company? Puneet Nahata is frequently asked to analyze a list of candidates based on their horoscopes (sometimes such lists can total up to 40 people). The astrologer can determine the intentions and abilities of each candidate and helps select one or several people for the job. The expert will also tell you what the best approach to your employee is – what to expect and how long you’ll have to wait before your investment pays off.
  • Should you invest in a specific financial instrument? If so, how much money should you be investing if you want to get the most out of your money? Which spheres should you stay away from in order to avoid incurring losses? When is the best time to withdraw your money?
  • Lawsuits: ways to avoid them and strategies to use if a lawsuit is already in progress. What are the best tactics to use with your opponents and other parties involved in the proceedings? What points should be stressed during your defense? How should you plan your arguments in order to get what you want?
  • How to behave in political circles. Puneet Nahata will tell you which people will side with you, and who you would be better off avoiding. The astrologer will also find out the best time to take action in order to make you get the results you want.

For a reading, Puneet Nahata will need: the birthday (date and time) of all parties involved. If you don’t have access to this information, the expert will be able to use other information in order to make an accurate prediction. Pay close attention to the person you would like to know more about during the consultation: remember the way the person communicates, behaves and acts. Give as many details as possible about the person’s personality, and Puneet Nahata will be able to tell you things even those who are close to the person in question don’t know.

  • Skype Consultancy. Price: 750 USD

Cost of consultation: 50,000 rubles

Duration: about 2 hours. 

Still having doubts? Read about how Puneet Nahata’s consultations have helped other people in business:

  • In March 2014, a Russian entrepreneur visited the astrologer. The businessman had a debt that amounted of $7 million. After the client did everything Puneet Nahata recommended, the debt was completely eliminated. This person’s company currently has a turnover of about $30 million per year.
  • A regular client asked Puneet Nahata questions about the bank where she kept her money for three years. For three years, the astrologer told her she has nothing to worry about. Last year, when the woman asked again, Puneet warned her that the bank will close in two weeks, if not sooner. The client withdrew her money that same day, and the bank’s license was revoked six days later.
  • The owner of several businesses across different spheres complained to Puneet that he can’t choose just one field that would be the most profitable. His indecisiveness was making him waste a lot of money and energy. The astrologer helped the client determine a niche and gave clear recommendations for the next 8 months. After the 8 months were up, the man’s financial situation and sense of inner harmony have improved. He had just one extremely successful business with an annual turnover of $2 million.