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Chance to change your life
with Puneet Nahata

Vedic Astrology Jyotish
Puneet Nahata - graduate of Acupressure and Vastu, studied with hereditary astrologer royal family - Sitaram Ji (Rajasthan), taking over from him unique skills predictions and with the influence of the planets on the life and character qualities.

Jyotish - a unique astrological system, which determines the potential inherent in man and helps him to reveal. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, from Jyotish you can move confidently in the right direction and to develop themselves, and astrological forecast will help you make the right decisions and plans, implementing them as much as possible.

Trainee royal astrologer

Puneet uses his own technique that has proven to be effective. It is based on a combination of secrets passed on by Indian monks, techniques taught to him by the astrologer of the royal family of Rajasthan, and the Master’s strong intuition.

10 years of experience and 7000 clients

Puneet has been an astrologer for 10 years. If you’re not impressed by this figure, try this one: 7,000. That’s how many clients from Russia, the US, Germany, Spain, Italy and other countries he has helped over the course of his career. This is a huge number for one astrologer, and says a lot about Nahata’s talent..

Businessmen from the Forbes

Puneet Nahata’s clients include famous politicians, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who are often mentioned in publications such as Forbes.

Forecast for you personally

Puneet Nahata will do a personal reading for you for the next year or several years. He will give advice on how to behave in a difficult business or personal predicament, find out what your talents and calling are, help you overcome childhood traumas and insecurities, as well as clear up feelings of guilt and doubt.

Reach dreams through understanding yourself

“I believe in dreams,” Puneet Nahata says, “I believe that you can achieve anything you want, even if you’re not yet sure how to go about it. But I also know how important it is to work honestly and conscientiously, and to make the right choices in life.”

New you

80% of clients walk away with a completely new understanding of their life, and every fourth person radically changes their life for the better.



School of astrology

Declares a set of training a group of Vedic Astrology in on-line school Punit Nahata. The course together with Puneet will be taught by the best Vedic astrologers of India, selected by him personally, or only Punit Nahata, depending on the number of people. On-line format allows you to study at the school, from anywhere in the world.

  • This course is a unique opportunity:
  • get to know yourself
  • realize the influence of planets on your life and learn how to harmonize
  • find the best direction for its development
  • vital to choose the right strategy
  • get a basic understanding of the astrological periods and their purpose


Like any science, astrology has its application side.

What awaits us in 2016? Vedic astrologer Punit Nahata answers this question.

By its nature, the planet Rahu is a stealth policy of illusions and instability.